About Our Domain Names

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Pine Ridge Productions, Inc. and Santoleri Web Partners, LLC began registering domain names in 1998. We have registered over 860 domain names and have sold over 300 domain names to date. You may have an interest in a domain name that we have registered, but only need it for short time. For this reason we have developed our domain name rental program.

Leasing a domain name is very much like leasing real estate. You may have an event and only need a short term rental agreement, or you may have a business (or a business idea) that needs a definitive way to be reached on the internet. We also offer leasing with the option to buy, if your business idea takes off and you decide to keep the domain.

Using a Domain Name as a Pointer

Example: My domain is www.Santoleri.com
(for my art web site), for some it is difficult to spell.

  • I use the domain name www.Artist1.com as a pointer the “www.Santoleri.com” domain.
  • The domain name www.WatercolorArtist.com is used for pointing to:
    • https://santoleri.com/artwork/original-art/watercolor-paintings/
  • The domain name www.PencilDrawing.com is a more effective way to land on:
    • https://santoleri.com/artwork/original-art/pencil-drawings/

We can point our domain names to almost any page on the internet.

 * Most names can be transferred in less than 24 hours *

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